the Centre
with a Heart

First-Class 21st-Century Kindergarten Education, based across four locations around Kuala Lumpur. Powered by the FunGates curriculum since 2001.

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Who We Are

23 years & counting!

PowerKids is the Kindergarten Centre with a Heart

We believe that we have that difference, that secret ingredient, that will propel the next generation to stand up and stand out from the crowd.

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Our Programs

Fun learning is our serious business.

Play. Explore. Grow. Collaborate.

High-value lessons and activities, with the love and care of our professional teachers, all throughout the entire day!

Morning School

08:30AM - 12:30noon

Essential early childhood education (ECE) provided for children from Ages 2-6!

After School Program

12:30PM - 03:00PM

A variety of enrichment classes after lunch and homework coaching!

Evening Daycare

03:00PM - 07:00PM

Care and activities for your child, while they wait for you to finish your day's work!

Our Events

In and outside of classrooms!

Experiences maketh thy child.


A stage-performance celebration of our children who've completed their pre-school learning, showcasing the discipline and training of our children over the years!

Sports Day

Championship, sportsmanship, winning, competing, participation — a family day-out.

Field Trips

Learning beyond the classroom walls, bringing perspective to boost cognitive development.

Community Service

A portion of your child's monthly school fees is channelled to support FunGates SuperFlow Foundation. See how our teachers and students serve!